PRICE LIST OF FEES – MARINA DĄBIE YACHT PORT – valid from April 1, 2024.

Max. unit lengthFee/yearFee / 6 months on the waterFee / 1 month on the waterFee/day
6 mPLN 4,800PLN 2,900PLN 580PLN 40
7 mPLN 5,200PLN 3,000PLN 630PLN 50
8 mPLN 6,000PLN 3,850PLN 730 PLN 60
9 mPLN  6,300PLN 3,950PLN 780PLN 70
10 mPLN 7,050PLN 4,550PLN 880PLN 80
11 mPLN 7,500PLN 4,650PLN 980PLN 90
12 mPLN 8,300PLN 5,400PLN 1,080PLN 100
13 mPLN 8,700PLN 5,650PLN 1,180PLN 110
14 mPLN 9,100PLN 6,400PLN 1,280PLN 120
15 mPLN 9,700PLN 6,800PLN 1,380PLN 130
1) The prices given are gross prices (including 23% VAT) and apply to one parking space.
2) Payments are settled in advance.
3) The price does not include storage of the fishing boat engine outside the season
4) Parking not reported to the boatswain – PLN 100 per day.
5) Payment in installments is not allowed.
6) Fee for mooring the yacht without a contract – PLN 100 per day.
7) Parking during the season at piers and quays involves the obligation to pay an infrastructure fee, included in the additional price list below. This fee is related to the maintenance and expansion of the marina infrastructure and covers the costs of utilities during the season and the costs of garbage collection.


Kercher 1 hourCamping Car/day1 person Camping / dayKayak/ Pontoon-land / 6 monthsTent / 1 personShowerTractor 1 hour
PLN 30PLN 50PLN 25PLN 1,000PLN 25PLN 5PLN 50
Overhead crane up to 60 minutes for one unitPLN 250**

PLN 300***
Additional overhead crane started 60 minutes150
Annual Infrastructure Fee350
Monthly infrastructure fee*120
Daily infrastructure fee10
Electric adapter 24 hours a day20
Removing the mast for marina ship owners150
Removing masts for shipowners from outside the marina200
Applies to contracts concluded for 1 or 2 months
*** Applies to resident shipowners
*** Applies to shipowners from outside the marina


Entry to the marina area is subject to a fee.
1 hour – PLN 4Each additional hour – PLN 424 hours a day – PLN 40
One year – PLN 1,200Half a year – PLN 900Quarter – PLN 700
Promotional subscriptions for shipowners:
Half a year – PLN 490Quarter – PLN 390A month – PLN 190A week – PLN 140
Additionally, for issuing a parking card, PLN 50


KayakPedaloSUP board
1 hour20 złPLN 30PLN 30
Whole dayPLN 80PLN 90